Tour the Office

Patients at our Millburn, NJ office appreciate the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  It goes a long way in making a trip to the dentist more enjoyable.  Our lobby, treatment rooms, and work areas have a modern look that is clean, attractive, and reminiscent of home.

Kid-Friendly Dentist and staff
Children are excited to visit our office.  They enjoy coloring, drawing, reading, watching TV, and playing with Mr. Potato Head.  Children and adults enjoy learning from Kirby, a monkey, and Uncle Buddy, a dog, who are featured in our dental videos about brushing, flossing, fluoride treatments, and dental procedures.
Modern Treatment Rooms and Office
Each of our treatment rooms are computer equipped.  We are equipped with digital x-rays, which give the doctor and patient the ability to view dental structures many times larger than with the previous x-ray technology and with much less radiation, no waiting for developing of films, thus speeding up the dental visit for our patients.
 We have digital intra-oral cameras as well, which allow our patients to see what we are seeing. 

We use the Caesy education system to show live-action video presentations with state-of-the-art 3D animations to explain dental issues, treatment options, review procedures, and post-op instructions.